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Property Type:. Added to Site: Added:. Must Haves:. Don't Show:. Properties For Sale in PO7. Take the time to view this immaculate home, which is ready for a lucky new owner to move straight into.

Commercial New Home Development Microsite. Guide Price. Premium Listing. A stunning barn conversion, offering approaching 7, sq.

The property is situated within the idyllic South Downs National Park within easy access of road infrastr A recently completed contemporary country house in a lovely rural setting.

It has a wonderful variety A substantial detached Grade II listed Georgian family home dating back from the 18th century offering extensive family accommodation and set in attractive grounds of approximately 1.

A substantial detached Grade II listed family home at the heart of this sought after Hampshire village. Generous Garden.

The Laurels is aptly named as it sits back from the road down a gravel driveway hidden behind some high manicured laurels.

This extensive Edwardian detached family home has a number of original features including high ceilings, architraves, wooden flooring, fireplaces and some replacement but ori For the first time in over 30 years there is the opportunity to purchase a fantastic family home set upon substantial grounds extending to approximately 1.

A gated entrance opens to a large driveway offering plenty of parking and double garage. This attractive property opens up into a we Offers in Region of.

A bespoke four bedroom house built to sole owners specification in this sought after semi rural location.

With paddock and countryside views to rear Browniside is perfectly situated set between the villages of Denmead and Hambledon and nearby South Downs National Park.

Internally the spacious acc Fantastic shooter. Feels so natural in my hands. By far the best grip on the market. Conceals like a dream.

Carlos gomez — December 21, :. Totally satisfied and amazed. Thanks cz for making a awesome pistol. Robert — December 15, :.

This is my first CZ firearm and it has transformed me into a huge CZ fanboy. The trigger is amazing, the gun can shoot way better than I can, and its light enough to carry imo.

Ive honestly shot thousands of rounds through it and not a single malfunction. I can not wait to buy more CZs, currently looking for a Stainless 75b.

Ron P. The first time I picked up the P at my local gun store, I fell in love with it. The comfort and ergonomics were great compared to numerous other pistols I was looking at for my first carry gun.

I bought it in May and have shot hundreds of various rounds and bullet weight and not one ftf or fte, never jams. Very accurate.

James M. The P in 9mm was my 3rd CZ handgun and a good purchase. If you own one of these or plan to, be sure to get the 22 LR conversion, so much more trigger time on the same platform for minimal cost and just fun to shoot.

Oldeagle — November 25, :. Was not a polymer fan until my son took me to the range to shoot his P Well I bought one a few months later.

Outstanding pistol. Bryan B — October 17, :. CZ, Outstanding performance! I have the P07 for a little over a year now, countless rounds thru this platform.

Ease of takedown for cleaning! Fit and finish are everything you would expect from CZ!!! Thank you for the top quality design and attention to detail.

My next purchase will be the Bren! Darrien Scott — October 14, :. I just started getting gun collecting as a hobby last and the P07 was my first purchase.

Absolutely love it. Ive purchased about 15 more since from different well known brands but this is still my fav. Its the only one that I havent done any mods to besides the sights.

Definitely recommend it. Brannon Evans — September 8, :. Just got back from the shooting range today with my wife. I must say, every time I shoot my P07, I am truly amazed how it feels in my hand, and how accurate the gun is providing my accuracy of course.

She shot the X on the second shot, on the first, she got close to it. Now, I guess if I dont want her to take over my P07, I guess I have to make another trip to Academy Sports, and get her one of her own.

Oh Well….. Timothy Kafitz — September 3, :. Just shot my new CZ P07 today and wish I had bought this thing years ago.

If you want an awesome handgun this is it! Samuel A. Mike — June 1, :. Steve — April 8, :.

I own both the P, and the PCR. Both great right out of the box I put thinner grips on the PCR. Fondled many others that felt like 2x4s in my hand.

CZ made a believer out of me. Scott P. Mark G — February 4, :. Love my P I have carried it since late I found the trigger to be good and the action reliable.

Since all of my pistols and rifles have a trigger pull of about 4 lbs. Glad I did. It made an awesome firearm even better. Robert Killian — February 1, :.

The gun is new and feels wonderful to hold. Dry firing the trigger feels fantastic. Looking forward to range time. Sean Mowery — January 15, :.

I started following the p10c before it even hit U. Reading magazine reviews and articles. When it finally hit shelves in America I had to get one.

It is amazing and unstoppable, nothing will cause this gun to malfunction! Well when we got a p07 at the gun store I work at I had to buy it.

No regrets! Just like the p10c, the p07 is a beast! Both guns shoot accurately and easily. Muzzle rise is almost non existent. Follow up shots and rapid strings of fire are a breeze, and hold a tight group.

Jacob — January 12, :. Seeing as I am creeping up on 10, rds through the P I figured it was time for a review.

As many have mentioned it is an incredibly soft shooter making it easy to stay relaxed and keep your follow up shots accurate.

However, due to frame shape and shaper points I am limited to an OWB holster if I want to carry comfortably.

To wrap it up this is a great pistol that nobody would regret buying, it has turned many of my friends into CZ owners and they have retired their glocks and sigs to the safe.

Roger Salter — December 23, :. Loved this gun as soon as I got it in my hands, great feel and balance. Not my first CZ so no questions about the quality and crsftmanship of their products, straight out of the box accuracy, 50 rounds no malfunctions, looking forward to many more rounds down range with this work of art.

Still gonna hang onto my Glock, but other 9 MM may be for sale soon. John D. I was looking for a slightly more concealable handgun and I ran across this.

Long story short, I picked one of these up in. RJB — October 11, :. CZ fanatic forever!!! Pete Morris — October 7, :.

I purchased the CZ-P07 in 9mm and must admit that I fell in love with everything about it. The smooth trigger pull, accuracy, point of aim and everything else.

Afterwards, I went and picked up the P Great Firearms and well made. Greaaaaaat trigger! This is my first CZ because the trigger works for me the original style CZ trigger is difficult for my trigger finger to reach.

I like the quality of the CZ pistols, rugged, reliable, and well made. Dave V. I like both and was very satisfied with both. I picked up the P out of curiosity, just to own a hammer fired gun again, really.

This is now my primary carry gun. Just the feel of it, and the way it gets back on target. My only complaint is the heavy DA.

The P just feels so natural to shoot. Brannon — August 15, :. Now, on to the P10C. RSjr — August 13, :. The P has become my favorite handgun for about every purpose.

It shoots like a dream it hits what I aim at and it has never had any reliability issues. The more I shoot it the more I love it.

Thanks CZ. Ethan Blessent — July 31, :. I run the urban grey model, have several thousand rounds through the gun, its my daily carry and looks brand new.

The newer nitride finish cz uses is fantastic. This gun is the perfect choice for duty side arm or concealed carry. The p07 and p09 series pistols for the money are in my opinion the best pistols on the market hands down thanks CZ.

Ati — July 20, :. CZ P07 is my first handgun. I saw it from magazines and start to search information from the internet and I decided to purchase it.

When I hold of the gun, it felt firm and confident in the shot. The first shot felt the weight of the trigger but smooth.

The second shot surprised me a lot. It is a sharp and easy to fire. This is my first firearm. I accidentally came across a photo of a CZ online, having then resolved to explore the brand.

I was looking for a compact, as I am not a big guy. This gun is perfect in size. Ergonomics: The handle is extremely comfortable, especially compared to other guns out there.

The texture on the sides of the handle is quite good, although some Talon grips will not hurt. The gun is not long compared to the full sized P this one feels like a baby.

It fits very well in the waistband. Aiming: super easy. Throw it up and it lines up by itself. The overall balance of this weapon allows it to be aimed very quickly.

After firing, the gun is almost instantaneously back on target. Sights: factory three dots are quite nice, being made of metal. However, the dots are all the same size and when aiming, the front dot appears smaller than the rear ones and makes it harder to focus on it.

Nevertheless the factory sights are quite nice. I particularly like that the front sight is just the perfect width compared to the back sight notch: there is barely any horizontal dispersion when aiming with the factory sights.

Note: removing the factory sights is super simple and requires barely any effort. Which, mind you, costs nearly three times as much. The trigger pull in DA is tough, the way it should be.

The initial SA pull is super smooth, with only the last couple of millimeters letting themselves be felt.

The reset is fast and pretty short. I carry the gun decocked: the pull here is not as tough as in DA, but nevertheless tough enough to make you think once more before making that bullet come out of the barrel.

Even then, if aiming for the center of mass, the decocked pull will still allow you to land the shot on target. And of course cocking the hammer for SA with your thumb is quick and easy.

After some practice I have started pulling on the trigger more aggressively, and the shots are still landing nicely on target. Overall, this trigger is to die for.

Recoil: pretty small compared to many other guns. Performance: solid performance you can rely on. Very consistent, granted that you pull on the trigger smoothly without jerking like a maniac.

Which means that this gun is on a round streak with no failures attributable to CZ manufacturing. Sturdy, accurate, reliable, comfortable.

I trust this gun with my life. Collin — April 11, :. The P is a great shooting and a great feeling handgun. The reduced weight of the polymer frame is convenient, however putting it on the scale vs.

This handgun is not as compact as the PCR, but does hold one more round in the mag. This is an excellent hand gun, never have I had a reliability issue with it.

The greatest strong point of this handgun is its price point. Is this my favorite CZ handgun I own?

No, the PCR or the P is a better weapon. Is it the best shooting, even with the Omega trigger system in it? No, the single action trigger on my old CZ 70 is one of the nicer.

Are you able to walk into most large sporting good stores and find this handgun for less the MSRP? Yes, in my experience.

This handgun will not disappoint you, the sights are great, the ergonomics feel great,I could have done without the ambidextrous de-cocker as it sticking out of the frame on both sides bulks up the weapon a bit more.

Great value with CZ accuracy, reliability, and feel. De Wood — March 31, :. I love my P07! I also own a Walter PPQ. Campjeep — March 16, :.

CZ PO-7 9mm What a pleasure to shoot. I have talon grips on all three. I have 4 17 round and 4 15 round magazines for range time. The PO7 is new and it its third trip to the range for a total at just rounds but I must say it just runs like an old Singer Sewing Machine.

I do not get that bite on my thumb from the slide lock like some have talked about. I can not say enough to give this handgun the credit it deserves.

What a hidden gem, I never thought I ever buy a CZ and now it is my favorite handgun. Clifton Davis — February 17, :. I have always wanted a CZ and was in the market for a double stack carry gun so I picked up a P If it was not for a fumbled reload slamming your palm into the lanyard loop during a mag change hurts I probably would have placed in the top 3 in the production class.

Fixed the lanyard loop issue with a Dremel and file so I am ready for the next competition. After putting another rounds through the gun at the range I am hooked.

What can I say, I like being different and I like to save money without sacrificing quality. Matt R.

This is my second CZ purchase and the P is a joy to take to the range. I had some better sights from Cajun Gun Works put on and the trigger gets better as you go.

This will be my primary carry gun. William Raulinaitis — January 22, :. This is my first gun purchase ever. The price was right and i love the feel of it in my hands.

I love how you do not have to wait for full trigger return to shoot the next round also love the capacity.

When i go to the gun shops and they ask what I have , apparently most of them say it was a great choice. I also enjoy the low recoil and the quick back on target ability.

Im thinking of upgrading to the new p Im hooked on this company and have only have one gun I want more from here.

Richie — January 16, :. Dived in deep on my first gun purchase. I wanted the best even if it was a clone. Rail for accessories home protection.

The gun is accurate makes a first time shooter feel like a pro when hitting centers at 35 feet. I will be getting more cz guns.

Steve D. Absolutely love this weapon. I bought my P with the intent of it being my EDC and it has never left that spot — regardless of other 9mm and.

Not a single malfunction and I have rounds using ammo of varying quality including some really dirty, cheap 9mm a couple of times and using 3 different magazines.

My P is by far the most comfortable to shoot and my accuracy is best with this handgun. Jantz — December 25, :. I shot rounds through it right out of the box and never had one malfunction!

Absolutely amazing performing pistol! Mark Gallardo — November 24, :. I pick my first cz, P, several months ago.

Finally got it out to the rrange a couple weeks ago. Roy Wilson SR — October 10, :. I purchased the CZ Duty in the 9mm a few months ago.

The pistol was very tight and the springs were very stiff. I like the way the slide follows the inside rail. To me this keeps the gun on target with very little muzzle jump.

The trigger in double action has a stiff pull like a revolver. Kind of a make sure you want to pull it. The double action is sweet and crisp at about a 5 lbs pull.

I basically use this firearm as a range gun and not disappointed and it disappears very easily IWB. In my opinion it is a very fine firearm.

Paul Hackney — October 2, :. I just purchased a gen 2 P07 in 9mm. I have always been a Sig fan, not anymore.

This pistol is unbelievable, it shoots great, low recoil,and looks amazing. Best handgun I own to date. CZ fan forever! Michael Selvy — September 4, :.

This is my second 9mm and. My first combo purchase was the CZ 75B and its Kadet conversion slide kit. I cleaned everything and headed to the range.

By the time I had shot rounds of. Whether steel or polymer, both hold 10 rounds. Once that was easily fixed, the operation, accuracy, and quality of the CZ handgun line was easily apparent!

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